Are Your Kids Sharing Breakfast with Disease-Carrying Mice? Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

Are Your Kids Sharing Breakfast with Disease-Carrying Mice? Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

Are Your Kids Sharing Breakfast with Disease-Carrying Mice? Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

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Home Page > Home and Family > Parenting > Are Your Kids Sharing Breakfast with Disease-Carrying Mice? Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

Are Your Kids Sharing Breakfast with Disease-Carrying Mice? Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

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Posted: Sep 29, 2010 |Comments: 0



If you have small kids at home, you know how much they love to start the day with breakfast cereal that is advertised during their favorite TV shows. But here’s something you might not know: grain foods like cereal are also a favorite of the typical house mouse.

If you’ve noticed little gnaw marks on your cereal boxes or the inner packaging, it means your kids are probably sharing their breakfast with at least one mouse, and probably more. And mice are known carriers of diseases that can sicken your children, like dermatitis, Lyme disease and even bubonic plague.

You Need a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

Once you realize you have a mouse in the house, you need to act quickly. Mice and healthy kids don’t go together, so you need some sort of kid friendly mouse trap that gets rid of the rodents safely. But what are your options?

Perhaps the device you’re most familiar with is the snap trap, a spring-loaded contraption that snaps down on the mouse when it takes the bait. But think of the pain that could cause to curious little fingers. Not exactly a kid friendly mouse trap, is it?

You could also try devices like glue traps, poisons or one of the numerous “natural” remedies or homemade concoctions that have been passed down through the years. While some of these traps work better than others, they all have one thing in common: not one is a kid friendly mouse trap. And they do nothing to prevent the spread of diseases carried by critters like fleas and ticks that make their homes on mice.

Is There a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap That Also Stops Disease-Carrying Parasites?

In a perfect world, there would be a mouse trap that not only kills mice 100 percent of the time, is safe to use around small children and also stops harmful parasites dead in their tracks. But there’s no such thing as a “perfect” world, let alone a “perfect” mouse trap…or is there?

A Kid Friendly Mouse Trap That Will Earn Your Seal of Approval

The good news is that there is a kid friendly mouse trap that kills mice each and every time and is also safe around children.

Here’s how easy it is to use: Simply unscrew the bait sealing hatch and spread it with peanut butter, then reinsert it into the device, which isn’t much larger than the mouse itself. When the mouse takes the bait and enters the trap, it triggers a “kill bar” that activates powerful jaws which kill the mouse instantly.

But what makes this device different from other traps is that when the kill bar activates, it automatically seals the trap shut. This means that those disease-carrying fleas and ticks can’t escape, and little fingers can’t get in. When the trap is full, you pick it up and throw it away. There’s no need to handle, or even see the dead rodent. Bodily fluids and excrement also stay inside the trap, as do any unpleasant odors.

Don’t Wait Another Minute to Get a Kid Friendly Mouse Trap

Once you know you have a mouse problem, the worst thing you can do is wait. One thing’s for sure, the mice won’t wait. The gestation period for baby mice is only three weeks, and a litter can produce as many as 10 little ones. That means you’re kids have 10 times the risk of being infected by a possibly lethal disease.

The easiest, safest, and most effective way to protect your loved ones is with a kid friendly mouse trap that also seals the deal after the kill. Make sure your kids don’t have any uninvited guests for breakfast.




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