any ideas incorporating low fat and healthier lifestyle menus ( ie lots of fruits and veggies)?

Question by WickedWednesday: any ideas incorporating low fat and healthier lifestyle menus ( ie lots of fruits and veggies)?

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Answer by chef_renee64
For me, incorporating a lifestyle change in your healthier eating habits should start slowly at first. Thinner slices of bread, low fat dairy and cheeses, smaller portions for proteins and starches, smaller meals several times a day and always having healthy snacks readily available to eat. Microwave foods are quick, easy and full of fat, so we need to replace them with some healthy alternatives, but they have to be handy and already prepared. We are very busy people these days and the quickest way to eat healthy is to slow down and cook fresh, but if that can’t happen, then we have to change our lifestyle habits as well. Don’t buy that bag of chips, have a bowl of apples, oranges, bananas sitting there, you will eat what you have available. Have a produce bin with cut up carrot and celery sticks instead of Microwavable pizza roll ups. Have recyclable water bottles filled with juice and water instead of Pop and high sugar drinks. Yes, your family, work colleagues might fight at first and this will shock you as well, but if it’s all you have, they will eat it. I actually have done this to myself and yes, I’ve gotten a little mad that I didn’t have that big slice of Potato Bread in my house and only had that tortilla wrap, but I got used to it and now, look forward to it! Instead of starches at night, I only have veggies and salads with dinner and a couple of times a week, I have starches with dinner and even then, it’s only in a small amount or thrown right into the main dish, to control the amount I consumme. Well, I could rammble on for hours on this, but Kudo’s to you for starting……..and my Best of Luck to you and your family to start eating healthier!

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