food fucks food — it’s a murder story with all sorts of dastardly deeds : copyright 1992

food fucks food — it’s a murder story with all sorts of dastardly deeds : copyright 1992
Image by torbakhopper

you see, the food wars, which are ceaseless forever, are going to take over the drug wars and the energy wars, which have held sway, naturally, as the piscean age closed.

in the piscean age, the model for energy exchange was two fish with their mouths hooked together and a line of wire between them. the symbolic meaning is that the two fish, independent from one another, but bound in mortal opposition, would seek the extremes. one fish would swim into the depths and race downward while the other fish moved toward the light and swam toward the surface. when the tension on the line binding them together reached its limit, the two fish would both be jerked back toward the center point of the fishing wire that enslaved them. that moment was witnessed again and again throughout the age and is documented by the notion of the hero — the exultation of the individual ideal, the king, the messiah and the personal jesus, the social martyr and the bombers, the suicidal rock stars and the geek computer lords…

but the aquarian age is marked by a completely different symbol.

the lines of energy have been detached from an object of any kind — the metaphor is two zig zag lines which move in parallel union.

so instead of moving in opposite directions, the energy, like two strokes of simultaneous lightning, race in one direction together like a skier on a slalom course.

the speed at which the new age will move will be much faster and it won’t be constantly returning to the same points of fear and destruction that the piscean age was plagued with for two millenniums.

however, the aquarian symbol is known as the "water bearer".
and many people mistake aquarius for being a water sign.
it is not a water sign.
the person who carries water is not the water.
they are a messenger warning us of the value of what is carried.

and, technically, this messenger is to prepare the simple message — the next age, the age of capricorn, is the age of the machine, the robotic era where new life is only redefinition and unknowable from this age.

aquarius is the stabilized air sign. it is about intelligence and mental dexterity.

so this is a call to all who feel like the oppression of the piscean age resulted in a mental explosion of strength and power.

the food wars need every great mental intelligence to choose a side and enter the war/race against the oppositional powers which would seek to impose chemical and nutritional and spiritual genocide on others.

the best way to really join the war is to change your own personal diet and turn your attention to better breathing. this simple shift, if practiced over time, will also affect every aspect of your personal perspective. you will be drawn into the strategies of this war which are every where around us in their invisible, but dominant and suggestive states.

and remember, the rate at which lawyers are proliferating in this country is a terrible sign.

the art of manipulating the law is and has always been an abomination in civil societies. at first, it seems necessary for making sure an innocent woman or man is not falsely imprisoned, etc.

but we really don’t need many lawyers for that, do we?

so lawyers end up taking their twisted, evil, selfish and anti-human techniques of mental and litigious coercion and schooling into the social work place and leisure place. they start imposing their training in areas that have NOTHING to do with protecting people.

here’s a map that depicts some of the realistic statistics about how the cult of "lawhood" has infected this country. since 2001 there has been a 17% increase in the creation of these mentally damaged humans.…

check it out and then ask yourself, should humans be "legally" allowed to be trained to be lawyers? if you look closely at this article, many of these lawyers are going to be jobless soon. what will they then do with their wicked mental training skills? the answer is obvious, they will take it into every work force/field and start using it against their coworkers.

and i’m going to assume that many of us are aware how badly injured a company or corporation can be if the levels of infighting adversely damage the holistic entity. no matter how good your ideas/products/services are, division within the ranks can permanently keep the greatest gifts of the human consciousness from blessing the species.