Vegan spanish migas / Migas veganas

Vegan spanish migas / Migas veganas
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Image by Lablascovegmenu
Receta (es):
He remojado el pan una media hora. He sofrito ajos, cebolla roja, pimiento rojo y acelgas. He escurrido el pan y lo he añadido a la sartén, dando vueltas para que no se pegue. Como especia he usado pimiento dulce y comino.

Recipe (en):
This recipe is great to make use of old and dry bread, instead of throwing it away. Soak in water for about half an hour. Fry garlic, onions, red capsicum and chards with olive oil in pan. Press and drain bread and add to pan. Now it takes some time, you should stir for a while with patience till it’s done. Better share this part with someone alse so your arm won’t hurt!

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Spokesgoat Nanny

Spokesgoat Nanny
Healthy Food Ideas
Image by rikkis_refuge
Invites you to the First Ever Rikki’s Refuge Annual BBQ & Benefit Golf Tournament

Monday April 14, 2008, 9 AM Shotgun (Registration to Golf 8 AM)
Cannon Ridge Golf Club, 9000 Celebrate Virginia Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22406 (Rt 17 in Stafford)

Golf & Memorial Garden
Tom Sabol, the Chairman of our upcoming Golf Tournament, liked the idea of the Memorial Photo Signs. A lot of you liked that idea too. He was wondering how to place them about the golf course. Then he came up with the idea of a Memorial Garden where they’d all be together. It’s up to you in Memory of and in Honor of Photo Signs for your loved ones, two legged or four and, yes, of course, those special three leggeds.

If you’re coming to the event you may take your photo sign home with you. If not, they’ll move to Rikki’s Memorial Garden in the center of Feline Fields. By the way, it’s about time Candy and Paul will be looking for extra plants and people to help plant and tend the Memorial Garden. If you can’t make the Golf Tournament – and all the fun and excitement we have planned that day for our non-golfing friends – you can claim your photo Signs at Sponsor Appreciation Day.

Buy Your Memorial Photo Sign Now Before Time Runs Out. The event is less than two weeks away and the sign makers need some time …. Memorial Photo Signs are available for a donation of only 5. They are lovely color 12 x 18 display signs. Send a photo and your wording electronically (e-mail, too late for post). Let your friends on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge know you’re thinking of them. After the event, this Memorial Photo Sign is yours to take home and display forever. YOUR sign may say anything you like (hopefully our editing won’t be necessary!)

To Play or To Play
April 14 has been set aside as a day to play. Whether you’re an avid golfer, an amateur player or if you’re like me and Putt Putt is the closest you’ve ever come, the day has been designed for fun.

Vincent, Rikki’s World Famous Spokes Cat for the physically challenged will be there to meet you and to beg for your vote in our April Cats vs Dogs Contest.

Duke Thomas Peabody our new Spokes Dog for the visually challenged stepping out for the first time in public. Meet this precious blind boy and listen to his first campaign speech.

Nanny Goat, the Almost as Famous as Vincent, Spokes Goat will be there to meet you and beg treats and eat the golf course. She says bar-b-que – who needs extras when there are miles of acres of lush green grass…. Nanny has been very sick the last several days. It looks like she’s on the mend and should be able to make the show and April 14th. Keep your paws crossed and keep up the prayers.

Proceeds from the Tournament will be used for Rikki’s Vet Debt to cover Nanny’s recent bills and the routine cost of keeping our 1,207 critters healthy. Please join us for this important event.

Boss Hogette & Howiette of the Washington Redskin Hogettes will be on hand to play, eat, have fun and campaign for the animals. Meet Michael M. Torbert, Boss Hogette, and Howard Churchill, Howiette. And see the fund raising items they’ve donated.

Fun without Food. at the door gets you in to visit Vincent, Duke, Nanny and many of the Rikki’s Refuge Human Board Members. We’ll have a Mini Gift Shoppe set up with Rikki’s Wear, crafts and more. Special items have been donated for Raffles, Door Prizes Galore, Silent Auction, Goodie Bags (while supplies last). We’ll have 50/50s and lots of Gift Certificates and Prizes for special events throughout the day. Admittance opens to non-players at 9 am.

Raffles, Door Prizes Galore, Silent Auction – this is just the beginning, donations for this are still coming in, as of now we have the following ready for you.

Gift Certificate from Sittin Pretty Pet Salon
Pottery Creation from Chris Rodriguez
Pottery Creation from Deb Barrett
Gift Basket from Pots & Palettes
Booth Feed Gift Certificate
Liberty Lanes Bowling – Free Game Certificates
Free canoe rental with shuttle from Virginia Outdoor Center
Autographed Washington Redskins Hogettes Poster
Washington Redskins Hogette Bobble Head
Large Gift Basket of Ladies Bath Items
Hand Made Breast Cancer Throw
Free Spaghetti Dinners from the General Store Restaurant in Fredericksburg
Set of Four Porcelain Cat Coffee Mugs
16X20 Photograph of Tiger Woods
Handmade Afghans
Handmade Paw Print Lap Blanket
Chic-Fil-a Gift Certificates
Free Pet Photo Session (w/ a free 8×10 photo) from Magpie Studios owner and premier animal photographer, Kerri Williams (you seen her work in Rikki’s reflections)
Family Membership Package (value over 0.00) from Top Golf Washington
Gift Basket from Olde Towne Pet Resort (value over 0) 5 days Doggie Day Camp and more
Anita’s Mexican Restaurant, Stafford, Gift Certificates
Giant .00 Gift Certificate
Safeway .00 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificates from Wegman’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Subway Sandwich Shop, King Street Blues and more

Ticket to Eat. with reservation in advance gets you a seat at the all you can eat Bar-b-que (vegetarian available, let me know your preference when you reserve). Food service starts about noon and your Ticket to Eat gets you admittance to all the other events (except golf).

Ready to Play in the First Annual Rikki’s Classic Golf Tournament !!! As an individual you can sign up for the game including golf w/cart , range balls, a goody bag, Bar-B-Q and all the fun of the day. Prizes for the Longest Drive – men’s, women’s and seniors — and more. Be a Champion at the First Annual Rikki’s Classic Golf Tournament. Only 5 per player.

Sign Up a Foursome and Get a Discount. All of the above for you and three of your best friends for only 5.

Foursome Raffle – Buys You a Chance to attend the event with three of your best golf buddies. The drawing will be at noon on Thursday, April 10. Buy your tickets now via, by stopping by the refuge, or contacting your favorite volunteer who is working on a golf tournament. If using the mail, Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960, we must receive it no later than April 9. That’s a 5 value plus a full day of fun for only .

Contact Rikki’s Refuge, 540.854.0870 x2,, PO Box 1357 Orange Va 22960
or tournament chairman, Tom Sabol –, 540.850.2268 to sign up, ask questions or get more information.

Socially Conscious Xerox is a major sponsor of Rikki’s Golf Tournament – please remember to leave the reproducing to Xerox – neuter and spay your pet today !!

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Reduction

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Reduction
Healthy Eating Recipes
Image by Renée S. Suen
with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Asparagus

For a little side project I made a herbs de provence crusted rack of lamb with a Shiraz pan jus reduction. The great part of it all was that I got to eat this for dinner. 🙂 Cheers to future potentials!


For Rack of Lamb:
1 lamb rack, frenched
1 C panko bread crumbs
1 tsp herbs de provence
2 Tbs grapeseed oil
1 C red wine (I used Shiraz)

1) Preheat oven to 425F.
2) Heat a heavy bottom skillet with 1 Tbs oil.
3) Pat lamb rack dry; season with salt and pepper.
4) Sear lamb rack sides for 3-4.
5) Prepare crumb: mix panko, herbs and remaining Tbs oil.
6) Pile crumb mixture thickly on meaty side of lamb rack and place in the over for 10-12 min until center is 125F.
7) Allow to rest for at least 5 min before cutting.
8) Heat pan, pour red wine to deglaze pan; add any leftover lamb juice to the pan. Allow to reduce by 1/3 to 1/2. Serve over lamb.

Note: leave lamb at room temperature for 30-60 min before cooking.

Mashed potatoes:
Boil 3-4 small yukon gold potatoes in boiling salted water for 20 min. Peel and mash potatoes; stir in 1 tsp butter, 1 Tbs heavy cream and 1 tsp milk. Season with salt and white pepper. Do not overmix or mash will be gummy.

Clean and remove bottom of stalk. Steam for 3-7 min, depending on stalk thickness.

You can sprinkle on fleur de sel (I forgot to in this picture).

Garfield Healthy Living Council

Garfield Healthy Living Council
Healthy Living
Image by heacphotos
A member of Garfield Elementary’s Healthy Living Councils tries a salad that highlights the large variation in nutrition between two similair tasting salad dressings. The salad test is one way that the Alameda County Public Health/Nutrition Services engages community members and school parents to improve their knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating.

The Rebellion is About to be Crushed

The Rebellion is About to be Crushed
Healthy Food Ideas
Image by Viewminder
There were hundreds of demonstrators occupying the corner of LaSalle and Jackson tonight on the sidewalk at the Bank of America Building.

Tension saturated the protest.

The City of Chicago’s had enough.

The police were walking amongst the crowd.

The demonstrators were told to move their things…

the food cart…

signs on the sidewalk…

the drums.

It was like a little game.

The cops would tell them to move it…

or keep moving themselves…

and people would move the stuff around the corner.

Then the police would tell them to move it from there.

The officers were stern about anyone crossing the curb into the street.

I got one of the cops alone and I told him…

‘I smell a crackdown.’

He looked me in the eyes and he only nodded his head up and down a few times.

Though the protestors chant ‘whose streets’ and reply ‘our streets’…

the message is being conveyed quietly but effectively.

These streets belong to the City of Chicago.

And the City is about to take them back.

Two things were the physical center of the occupiers…

the food cart where people could grab something to eat or drink… a bottle of water or a cup of coffee…

and the drums.

The drums used to sound loudly day and night.

They gave the whole movement a real pulse.

First the police apparently arrested a couple of people for playing them…

then they said that they couldn’t be left on the sidewalk.

In their absence there is a nervous silence.

Whoever determined that the drums should be taken out was genius.

I never gave so much thought to something like the sound of a drum.

But observing the situation tonight I realized that they gave the people a certain power.

That power is largely gone this evening.

And the warmth, sustinence and comraderie of the food cart has been taken away too.

A casual observer might not even notice the crackdown.

It’s subtle and well thought out.

A longtime observer of the movement would see the impact immediately.

A sense of doom settled over the group even though the chanting and sign waving continued.

The drums were gone.

Here and there as people gathered in clusters and conversations spilled out onto the sidewalk I couldn’t help but notice…

this is a time of crisis for The Occupation.

Though perhaps there was a certain wisdom in a ‘leaderless’ movement…

now there is no direction to turn to respond quickly and strategically in a strong and unified manner.

The movement began as a proactive and spontaneous demonstration of the grievances and frustration of so many people.

Now without a leader to make quick and strategic decisions it can only respond in a weak and fragmented way to the crackdown by the City.

It has become reactionary.

Here and there people are lobbying others to one course of action or another…

Some say the group needs to resist with greater intensity…

others want an out and out fight.

One demonstrator in an ominous sign had a gas mask strapped to his side at the ready.

Because the movement is openly democratic and all major decisions are voted on publicly at the General Assembly meetings each night at ‘The Horse’ in the park…

the group is largely incapable of surprise.

The days of the occupation are numbered.

And I believe in the end they could be counted on one’s fingers.

The police have had more than thirty days to plan a strategy to rout the occupiers.

And when the police make their move the occupiers will be crushed with overwhelming force.

They will split up and they will be defeated in a matter of minutes.

A battle is not a time for democratic manuevering.

To win a battle a group must be cohesive, united and of one mind.

A victorious army is a product of many becoming one.

Without a strong and capable leader this will never happen.

Those with a propensity for violence and mayhem will sieze the opportunity in the chaos and lash out in the moments before defeat is total and their actions will become the legacy of the group.

What an amazing thing to observe on the ground in the middle of it all.

I see it in the eyes and on the faces of the people who come to have their voices heard.

I see no imminent victory.

Really I’m surprised the city has demonstrated so much patience.

I suppose everyone thought that the weather would be the thing that ended it all.

I’m sure the officials who are gonna have to give the orders hoped the same.

The higher ups are watching.

With the G8 and the Nato Summits coming up in May of 2012 there is a feeling that the City isn’t handling this too well and that there’s gonna be a prevalence of disorder and chaos then.

Get ready for the ‘dry run.’

The end will come swiftly.

The protestors will be arrested and dispersed with precision.


some windows will get broken.

Things will be thrown.

Yahoo’s will lash out and do stupid shit.

But it’s gonna all be over in a couple of minutes.


it’s time to make a move.

And it’s gotta be a good one.

How can you avoid a crushing defeat?

Regain your proactivity and get ahead of this.

It’s coming whether you’re ready or not.

There will be no decisive victory.

How can you transition from this phase into the next?

It’s not gonna happen by accident.

It’s time to think.

It’s time to act.

The noose is tightening and you’re being surrounded.

Look at the thuggish behavior of the Illinois State Police last night at the Thompson Center.

Nothing will be accomplished by holding your ground in front of an army that is overwhelming in physical strength and numbers and would perhaps even relish the opportunity to ‘tune you up’ en masse.

In the face of all this… in the immediate moment… without a dramatic and super-numeric show of support in the form of thousands of reinforcements your epitaph has already been written.

If tommorow more than three thousand show up and link arms and hearts and souls with the movement then everything I’ve said is off the table… at least for some time.

Sources within the police department say that they could not handle two thousand mass arrests.

Unless there are that many ready to call their bluff it’s time to go to ‘Plan B.’

Since there is no ‘Plan B’ someone’s gotta do some quick thinkin’.

If the authorities were smart they’d give the group some victory in exchange for giving up the occupation at the present site.

But no one’s ever accused the authorities of being smart.

A bully will always respond to any threat to his dominance in a bullyish manner.

Occupiers… prepare to get your asses kicked.


tone it down…

back off a little…


move into the ‘second phase.’

I have no idea what the ‘second phase’ is but it sounds logical.

I mean…

I’m all for standing up for what’s right.

Given the right circumstances I could be convinced to dig in and resist until the end.

But wouldn’t it be better to live to ‘fight’ another day?

Gahd I hope I’m completely wrong and I’ve totally underestimated the courage, the fortitude, the ingenuity and the determination of the group.

Now is the time for deep thought.

If a battle can be won…

I say win it.

If a battle is certain to be disasterous…

I say avoid it.

While the group remains in its present form and sufficient strength…

what should be considered is what the legacy of these five weeks will be.

What victories have been won?

First the dissatisfaction of a large number of people has been demonstrated… and their desire for change has been heard far and wide.

Everyone can see around the world that significant numbers of us are not happy with the way that things are going.


that the same people are willing to get off of their couches… move away from their televisions and take action to make our world better, more just and level the economic ‘playing field.’


and it’s my opinion that the greatest of victories that this movement has succeeded at is driving the discussion of a nation for almost two months.

I think the most amazing thing has been the sheer numbers of people who came to the occupation site and talked to each other about what the world should look like in the future.

This in itself is probably the greatest victory of all.

It means so much.

The way I see it there are two paths at this point…

imminent annihilation of the movement in a crushing defeat by the authorities…

or a strategic and proactive restructuring of the group and it’s mission.

Personally… I dig the second path.

I’m not in the mood to be spittin’ up all the mucus in my lungs after suckin’ down a few too many breaths of tear gas while a Chicago cop tunes me up with the business end of his billyclub while he’s all dressed up like a hockey golie.

That shit would give me bad dreams for a while.

Lets keep our core strong… our base vast… our support intact and our occupiers free and healthy and regroup for the winter.

The orginaization can be structured into more local cells under the umbrella of a central organization…

meetings can take place… more supporters recruited… a greater organization achieved over the coming months…

and in the spring or even here and there in the meantime the movement can be called on to pop up with little notice and demonstrate effectively for what it believes to be critical to our future as a group and a people.

It’s time to go ‘guerilla.’

What began as a peaceful and non-violent movement should grow into a transition as a peaceful and nonviolent movement.

Let us remain true to our principles.

We have shown great commitment, restraint, cohesiveness and respect for the laws and customs of our society even as we criticized it and made clear our desire for great change.

We can make something of that.

Something great.

If without thinking we walk into a battle that cannot be won we will have squandered the support of so many, the victories achieved and the hard work and sacrifice of thousands who believe that the future needs to be rethought and our world changed for the betterment of all.

Or at least the 99%.

Let’s not let our friends be brutalized on the street and have our brothers and sisters choking on the tear gas… our signs and banners trampled by the riot police on horseback… and our whole movement summed up by that one video of a guy wearing a bandanna over his face as the tear gas flies and he throws a rock at the police.

We’ve worked too hard and come too far for that.

We’re better and we’re smarter and we’re more grown up.

We have made our voices heard over the last five weeks.

Let’s move into the future where we can achieve something lasting and powerful.

Let our legacy reflect the justice and equality and the better society that we seek and the intelligence and comraderie which with we sought it.

Together and strong we can change the world with our motivation, determination, intelligence and patience.

Fragmented and crushed the last we will be seen or heard from is on the news on the day of our demise.

This is the moment that will determine the future of our movement.

We need to be wise… stay strong… remain united and make the most of this moment.

We stand for something great.

We need to move forward with honor and strength and continue to challenge the status quo.

The moment is here.

Right Here Right Now

HELP in developing a research question related to healthy eating and education?

Question by sabrina: HELP in developing a research question related to healthy eating and education?
the research question will likely to be carrried out on university students i heard that there is heaps and heaps of info on healthy eating but i cant really think of a good question that links with education and healthy eating HELP

Best answer:

Answer by beccainmd is a good site to get started at nutrition wise – how about how you learn better w/ a healthy diet

What do you think? Answer below!