Healthy Dinner for Two (230 Calories per serving) – Salmon and Zucchini Pasta With Pesto

We prepare a healthy Salmon and Zucchini Pasta with Pesto sauce. Ingredients needed: 6oz Fresh Salmon 2 – 8oz packages of Shiratki tofu noodles 1 Zucchini 1/2 white onion 1 package dry pesto mix 1/2 cup water 2 Tbs olive oil Watch video for prep.
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How can i lose weight with exercise and healthy foods?

Question by : How can i lose weight with exercise and healthy foods?
I used to weigh 120 now i weight 131 and im only 5’2. I really want to lose this weight. I have an ab lounge pro. What are some exercises i can do? like running? and when and how long? doing the ab lounge? when and how long? i drink a lot of pop should i quit completely? what are some healthy foods to eat or a good diet to try? thanks

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Answer by Don
Trust me, follow this and you will loose a considerable amount of weight within 3 months.

Eat less between main meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Seriously, if you’re hungry, buckle up. This will force your body to use the fat as a source of energy rather than rely on you to eat too much and deposit more fat into reserves.

Exercise more. If you burn off more calories than you eat, you will loose weight.

Don’t sit around all day watching TV, playing X-BOX, or sitting at a computer. Take up a hobby, like cross country, cycling, etc

Believe it or not stress is a exercise, bear this in mind.

If your family want to help you, they’ll support you by taking you to a gym if you want to go to one. It’s not weird to go to the gym if your a teenager, where I live plenty of teenagers go to the gym. Just run on a treadmill for thirty mins whilst listening to your ipod or doing a reading assignment.

Drink more water, this will speed up your metabolism (which will mean your body will burn through fat quick)

Drink less soda.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have breakfast. Cereal is good. It will wake up your metabolism and as soon as you eat your bowl of cereal or toast, even once your digestive system processes it, your body will begin to burn through fat. It speeds up the process.


Exercise: RUN, not walk, for 20 mins and lift some weights you can manage every other day.

PS: Don’t use supplements, that’s insanely unhealthy, because they’re not real food. It’s better if you start a diet of food which contains more protein, less fat, etc and what the supplements have because you will get into a routine of eating those foods, but if you eat your normal diet – what you eat now, and take supplements, your tricking your body, and as soon as you stop taking those supplements – which are quite costly in fact – you will have the same problem again. Isn’t it better and more logical to spend that money on a real diet instead which will come out cheaper than processed food and junk and pop + supplements but will give you more nutrients, and taste a whole load better too?

Good Luck!

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Garfield Healthy Living Council

Garfield Healthy Living Council
Healthy Eating Recipes
Image by heacphotos
Tamiko Johnson shares a healthy recipe with other mothers and fathers at Garfield Elementary School’s Healthy Living Council. The council is part of Johnson’s program for Alameda County Public Health/Nutrition Services drive to engage community members and school parents to improve their knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating.

Anybody have some good recipes for a turkey dressing?

Question by Tina: Anybody have some good recipes for a turkey dressing?
I’ve always wanted to learn to make it cause I love eating it. Any good recipes and or cooking tips for making it? I like a good moist dressing.
Also a giblet gravy?

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Answer by maria
Stove top is great for a super quick meal when ur in a rush add more water to make it more moist

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