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Local Threads Fashion Show 9-20-09 32

Local Threads Fashion Show 9-20-09 32 Image by stevendepolo I went out to support the Local Threads Fashion Show at Founder’s. The clothes were beautiful and they helped support the Kids Food Basket. What: “LOCAL THREADS FASHION SHOW” a benefit event for KIDS FOOD BASKET. Where: Founders Brewing Company (235 Grandville SW, Grand Rapids, MI […]

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Healthy food samples at Fort Eustis

Healthy food samples at Fort Eustis Image by Defense Commissary Agency A soldier with the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers group samples some healthy food during a Commissary Commando event at the Fort Eustis Commissary. The BOSS Program at Fort Eustis, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va., placed fourth in the event. (Photo courtesy of Fort Eustis)

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i need a recipe that kids can make for dinner, easy and fun, suggestions?

Question by rickiniki: i need a recipe that kids can make for dinner, easy and fun, suggestions? My kids are still young butthey like to help with dinner, it doesnt have to be fancy, just something we can all do together, something they can help with and be proud of when were done. Theyre picky […]

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img_3494_2010 Image by Zlatko Unger It was delicious. Recipe here:…

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Dr Oz Talks About HCG Weight Loss, Diet, Lose Weight Loss Management Imagine losing a pound a day and never feeling hungry. Those that have had success with it believe it’s the long-awaited miracle cure for weight loss. Is the HCG diet safe or too good to be true? Dr. Oz investigates. The debate continues. After weighing the risks […]

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Beans and Rice, Plus!

Beans and Rice, Plus! Image by jazzijava The stew took up the entirety of our largest stockpot and had 27 ingredients, including 2 types of rice (brown and wild), 5 lbs of potatoes, almost 18 cups of assorted beans and all the canned tomato products we had in the fridge! I baked off some sweet […]

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Something Healthy For Lunch

Something Healthy For Lunch Image by Kate Dreyer Chickpea salad – 1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed – 1 lebanese cucumber – 3 small tomatoes – 3 big radishes – 1 carrot – 1 onion, sliced – 1 garlic glove – 1/2 avocado – a handfull of flax seeds – juice of 1 lemon […]

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Essential: Healthy Eating !

Essential: Healthy Eating ! Essential: Healthy Eating ! A collection of selected reports – Healthy Eating – Five Food Items That Help Lower Bad CholesterolHealthy Eating – How Small Diet Changes Can Improve Your Health Healthy Eating – The Perks Of A High-Fiber Diet Healthy Eating Facts And Figures To Keep In Mind Healthy Eating […]

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Scientology-UFO Cults-Crash Diets-Underground Compounds-Tom Cruise ufo cult teachings of alfred webre and cliff carnicom Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Botox Mom A Hoax?

Good Morning America interviewed a mother that said she gave her 8 year-old daughter botox injections but now she’s claiming she faked the story for money. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. Subscribe: TYT Mobile: On Facebook: On Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read […]

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Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions