Anahuak Youth Sports Association, The City Project and COFEM use soccer as an organizing tool for students to move more, eat well, stay healthy, do their best in school and in life — and vote!

Anahuak Youth Sports Association, The City Project and COFEM use soccer as an organizing tool for students to move more, eat well, stay healthy, do their best in school and in life — and vote!
Healthy Eating
Image by The City Project
Diverse allies organized Copa COFEM at Rio de Los Angeles State Park at Taylor Yard October 29-30. The youth soccer tournament promotes fun, physical activity and healthy eating, and and good citizenship. Civic leaders including Raul Macias and Councilman Ed Reyes urged citizens to vote. Health advocates provided educational programs about physical activi and healthy eating. The City Project engaged, educated and empowered the community to support an equity plan to Save California State Parks for All, and to prevent high speed train from destroying state parks. The benefits and burdens of public resources — including state parks and high speed train — must be distributed fairly for all.

Vegetarian Diet Food Preparation For Traveling

Get your FREE 7-day Vegetarian Meal Plan from: Plus, you’ll discover the 10 foods NOT to eat on a weight loss diet. Hi! I’m Kardena Pauza from Today we are getting ready to go to the airport on a last minute trip. This is a great opportunity for me to show you what I do to prepare for a long trip. I want to bring a lot of healthy and easy to prepare foods for trips like these. I took some vegetables from my refrigerator and chopped them up (it took me about 15 minutes of prep time) into a vegetable salad. This will last us for 2 days (broccoli, spinach, beets, asparagus, radishes, fresh corn). It’s a light salad that will work for us because we aren’t going to be very active on this trip. This salad is full of nutrients and will make us feel very light and energized. Keep in mind if you are traveling on a plane, you can bring food, but not liquids. So, instead of storing my dressing in a container, I’m going to drizzle it on my salad and take it with me that way. This is my favorite quick and easy salad dressing, which you can find in my Easy Veggie Meal Plans, which you can get online. I make it by drizzling some sunflower seed oil, agave nectar and amino acids for the salt and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It’s great! You can take a lot of healthy snacks on the plane (vegetables, nuts, seeds). I’m also going to pack some celery sticks and cucumbers. I sprinkle a little bit of seasoning on a cucumber which is great. It’s
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O706UM Otomix Bodybuilding Workout Top (XL, Black)

O706UM Otomix Bodybuilding Workout Top (XL, Black)

  • 100% Cotton
  • Oversize neck and sleeve widths
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This Otomix rag top features the Universal Muscle logo across the front chest area. Made from 100% cotton french terry. This workout top is cut for a loose fit with spacious arm openings. Designed for weight lifting or casual wear. Like the other Otomix rag tops, this Muscle Shirt looks great when worn over a string tank top.

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Bento #254: Low-carb, high-fat breakfast!

Bento #254: Low-carb, high-fat breakfast!
Low Fat Cooking
Image by goblinbox (queen of ad hoc bento)
…BECAUSE the following things ARE TRUE:

One: I’ve been on a diet for eight weeks and am fat-starved, and
Two: I’m currently reading Good Calories, Bad Calories (a treatise against refined carbs),

I HAVE DECIDED to try a low carb breakfast today! Fun!

When you remove carbs, you have to replace them with something to keep your calories up, and I chose fat. I cooked with butter and olive oil and used cheese! Yum!

The large compartment contains two eggs with half and half, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar, scrambled in butter. There’s a grilled tomato (I didn’t actually "grill" it, I fried it in olive oil) and a veggie sausage pattie (yeah, I’m a vegetarian, so no meaty paleo diet for me!) in the side compartments.

While I’ve seen plenty of pictures of British breakfasts complete with a grilled tomato, I’ve never actually had a grilled tomato with breakfast before. IT’S DELICIOUS. Oh mah gah, it is amazing what a lovely grilled tomato does to the whole egg-eating experience!

Half of the carbs come from the fresh vegetables and are fine; the other half, though, come from that delicious little lab-built sausage substitute (Lord only knows what’s in those things) and are probably the very embodiment of eeeevil ‘refined carb’-hood. No white flour or sugar to be found, though, so that’s good, right?

392 calories – 8g carbs – 28g fat – 26g protein

Nutritional Health : How to Eat a Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can be a healthy choice because raw foods maintain their fiber and vitamin levels much better than cooked food, so they offer higher food volume in addition to more nutrients. Consider transitioning into a raw food diet with advice from alicensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating. Expert: Heidi Kaufman Bio: Heidi Kaufman is a licensed dietitian and nutritionist, and she is a certified diabetes educator for Partners in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition in Wilmington, North Carolina. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications
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Radiated Tortoises (Geochelone radiata) (Astrochelys radiata)

Radiated Tortoises (Geochelone radiata) (Astrochelys radiata)
High Protein Diet Plan
Image by wallygrom (very busy at work)
Kaleta Reserve, Amboasary Sud, Madagascar …

From Wikipedia –
The radiated tortoise (Astrochelys radiata) (Geochelone radiata) is a species in the genus of the Astrochelys tortoises. It is monotypical of its genus. Although this species is native to Southern Madagascar and mainly only found there, it can be found in the rest of this country and has been introduced to the islands of RĂ©union and Mauritius. As the Radiated Tortoises are herbivores, grazing constitutes 80-90% of their diet, while they also eat fruits and succulent plants. A favorite food in the wild is the Opuntia cactus. They are known to graze regularly in the same area, thus keeping the vegetation in that area closely trimmed. They seem to prefer new growth rather than mature growth because of the high-protein, low-fiber content. These tortoises are, however, endangered, mainly because of the destruction of their habitat by humans and because of poaching.

The oldest tortoise ever recorded, indeed the oldest reptile ever recorded, was a radiated tortoise, Tu’i Malila; there is controversy over whether she lived 150, 188, or 250 years.

Growing to a carapace length of up to 16 inches (41cm) and weighing up to 35 pounds (16kg), the radiated tortoise is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful tortoises.
This tortoise has the basic "tortoise" body shape, which consists of the high-domed carapace, a blunt head, and elephantine feet. The legs, feet, and head are yellow except for a variably sized black patch on top of the head.

The carapace of the radiated tortoise is brilliantly marked with yellow lines radiating from the center of each dark plate of the shell, hence its name. This "star" pattern is more finely detailed and intricate than the normal pattern of other star-patterned tortoise species, such as G. elegans of India. The radiated tortoise is also larger than G. elegans, and the scutes of the carapace are smooth, and not raised up into a bumpy, pyramidal shape as is commonly seen in the latter species. There is slight sexual dimorphism. Compared to females, male radiated tortoises usually have longer tails and the notch in the plastron beneath the tail is more noticeable.

Radiated tortoises occur naturally only in the extreme southern and southwestern part of the island of Madagascar. They have also been introduced to the nearby island of Reunion. They prefer dry regions of brush, thorn (Diderae) forests, and woodlands of southern Madagascar.

Unfortunately, these tortoises are critically endangered due to loss of habitat, being poached for food, and being over exploited in the pet trade. It is listed in Appendix I of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which prohibits the import or export of the species under most conditions. However, due to the poor economic conditions of Madagascar, many of the laws are largely ignored.

No estimates of wild populations are available, but their numbers are declining, and many authorities see the potential for a rapid decline to extinction in the wild. In the North American studbook, 332 specimens are listed as participating in captive breeding programs such as the SSP (Species Survival Plan). Captive breeding has shown great promise as in Captive Breeding Program for the Radiated Tortoise at the New York Zoological Society’s Wildlife Survival Center.

Family Feasts for $75 a Week: A Penny-wise Mom Shares Her Recipe for Cutting Hundreds from Your Monthly Food Bill

Family Feasts for a Week: A Penny-wise Mom Shares Her Recipe for Cutting Hundreds from Your Monthly Food Bill

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What would you do with an extra 0 each month?
Let ‘s face it. Staying within a budget these days is a hard act to stick with, especially if you have a family of four or more. When juggling a busy schedule dedicated to school, work, and family activities, convenience has a tendency to overrule thriftiness-and we all know convenience comes at a cost. But if you can master your spending in just one area-your food bill-you will greatly expand your spending options for other, more rewarding areas of your life.

What would you do with more free time in your day?
You ‘ve heard the saying ” time is money, ” and time well spent can save you big bucks. Learning how to compile grocery lists, compose weekly menu plans, and shop less will not only save money at the register, it will also save you time in the store and in the kitchen. Come to the table prepared to enjoy the feast as you build time-saving skills that will serve you and your family for a lifetime to come.

What would you do with more fun-filled family opportunities?
Saving time and money will not only make you feel good about yourself, it will also give you the greatest spending opportunity of all-more family fun. Whether planning for a special getaway, staycation, or simply a weekly family night, your family is your best investment. With all the time and money you ‘ll save, you ‘ll be able to refocus your energies where they matter most-with the ones you love.

Whether you ‘re overhauling your entire budget or just trying to save a little here and there, making a dent in your grocery bill may seem challenging in today ‘s market. A typical supermarket trip can easily cost a minimum of 0, and if you ‘re feeding an average family or larger, that number can soar even higher. What ‘s a mom on a budget to do?

Family Feasts for a Week to the rescue! Written by blogger mom and penny-pincher extraordinaire Mary Ostyn, who prepares three meals a day for her family of 12 for 0 to 0 a month, this book is stuffed to the gills with Mary’s expert, in-the-trenches tips on savvy food shopping, plus 200 delicious recipes for homecooked meals that make the most of economical ingredients.

Selected by Good Morning America as one of the best cookbooks of 2009, Family Feasts for a Week offers real-world advice teaches real-world families how to save in more ways than one.

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Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip: How Far Can you Stretch $10?

Here’s an extreme couponing trip where I spent .27 and saved 0. I also received in Walgreens Register Rewards, which means you could also look at it as being paid to bring all of this home.See all the coupons I used on my blog: Nature Valley: ______ Don’t forget to Thumbs Up & Subscribe! ______ Get money-saving tips and learn how to do some extreme couponing yourself on my blog: ______ Background music by
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