Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 2

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If you used a coupon once at the market can you use it again?

Question by Strawberry: If you used a coupon once at the market can you use it again?
I used a coupon at the supermarket and I used it at the self check out line and didn’t stick the coupon in the coupon slot and I kept it so can I use the coupon again because it was $ 5.00 off.
yeah the ugly b1tch that works at the market kept staring at me because I didn’t stick the coupon in the coupon slot but I don’t care I’m gonna use it again

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Answer by loolai

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CRASH DIETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by RandomReflections: CRASH DIETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
any good ones….please dont tell me im stupid or wrong….

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Answer by Huckleberry Sin
You’re not stupid or wrong, but just know that crash diets are nothing but a temporary fix.

Low carb is the best, in my opinion. You can lose a lot, in a short period of time. Problem is, once you start eating carbs again, you’ll gain the weight back (most if not all of it).
It’s worth a shot though, if you’re just looking to lose weight fast.

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How to Throw a New Years Party : Healthy Food Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party

Learn how to provide healthy food for a New Year’s Eve party from an event planning expert in this eventplanning video. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: www.horrorcomicstrip.com Bio: Matt Cail is a painter, makeup artist, and cartoonist. While in college, he acted in, directed and designed the University of Washington’s haunted house. Filmmaker: randy primm

What kind of exercise plan would work for me?

Question by ladyballer33: What kind of exercise plan would work for me?
I am a 19 yr old college sophomore (female). I have been playing basketball for as long as i can remember, but recently i decided to give it a rest and focus on my school work. It has only been a year and I’ve gained almost 30 lbs. I was wandering what kind of diet I should be on or exercise plan?

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Answer by eobgilneas
This is easy get a membership pass to a gym for example the YMCA, and every night or morning when your done with your homework or have free time work out. The best thing to do is run
the mile each day, lift weights (squats) and anything that has to do with your mid section because the more muscle you have the quicker you burn fat, and a good idea is also to play basketball or swimming because swimming requires alot of energy and burns alot of fat. Try this for about a month 3 times a week and you should be in great shape.

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